A Web Portal for managing digital assets.


Pallycon project was a collection of websites for one of South Korea’s largest DRM provider. The aim of the project was to provide content providers a portal to manage their digital assets and also allow DRM provider to view and manage their customers.


We helped the client build three web portals that enabled them to effectively market their offerings/services and manage their customers. The first web portal was a Pallycon marketing website. The purpose of this website was to market their services and offerings.

The second web portal was a Developer website. This website assists the DRM customers/developers to get an overview of Pallycon offerings and services. The websites helps the authenticated users to get access to the integration and packaging guides. The portal also allows the developers to browse and integrate the SDKs to their websites.

The third web portal was Pallycon Administrator website. This website allows the Pallycon Admin to view and manage their customers and portal’s content. The portal allows the Pallycon admin to view customers billing, and to add, modify and delete their accounts. The portal also allows the Pallycon admin to view license issuance info, device registration info, packaging info and accounts info and update them.




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